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$Wicked Koin I What is it??

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Edited: As of this morning $Wicked has been verified and registered with Cardano. It will now show info and image for Koin in wallets as well as Exchange.

$Wicked is my token i created to use as my member/ governance/ exchange for glass/ partnership/ collectors reward Koin, in a decentralized model using for glass charity project. Wicked Art Group, WAG. Which i am the first Glass Artisan. :)

As of today the final submission for its verification has been sent to the Cardano Foundation, verifying its use for exchanges etc. Due to changes in the Cardano eco system the Ticker had to be changed so now it is

Ticker: Wcked

Name: Wicked

Current Price: 1 $Wicked = 1.20 ADA = .90 This can change dramatically "IF" general normal markets in general turn. If upgrades to Cardano come with Vasil as i expect this summer it may go higher. This upgrades the code to allow stable coins and lending, addimg to idea they need ADA go lock up. Since you need ADA to purchase Wicked and need Wicked to exchange for WG for my glass, i suggest find deals like ya see now. NOT FINANCIAL advice. Then again, look at normal US Markets. Never know nor i guess anymore. Just moving as i originally planned.

Wicked was released as planned on Earth Day a few days back in a very limited quantity on exchange. Reason? It is now the ONLY way to exchange for my glass. I have a long mission that includes my charity project, therefore no more time to waste. It is a future charity driven glass backed project, so its main use at the moment is to earn rewards for early supporters and or exchange for glass. When exchanged for glass the Wicked is destroyed aka *burned, reducing its overall supply. This will also happen when used for exchange of ANY Artists' glass collaborations in the WAG, Wicked Art Group. I never planned it to be strictly for just glass. Nfts are created for that. Example: Kraken NFT :)

At the moment 4 Galleries have most of the circulating supply and it will never make it to the exchange either.

Biggest question is .... will the price go up? It is about perspective. No and yes. I want my glass to stay relatively stable with NFT backed glass (only Krakens are collectables aka NFTs, NOT pendants and smaller stuff) able to have that potential. There is in place other ways to earn rewards off the holding of $Wicked, such as staking and providing liquidity on exchange but that is another topic in itself. That said, it still has potential to rise because i did not release it paired to a stable token. Cardano does not even have that released yet. Plus i want natural process of interest and scarcity to hold its value such as ADA itself. Cardano many diss on due to Price does not rise crazy daily, but they also have no clue of its potential. Lil insight below.

ADA is Cardanos base token. Come June Cardano will roll out its scaling upgrades for Consensus. Many many of Cardanos Defi lending protocol companies are not even on Cardano yet until these upgrades take place, it needs the code capability. Ya see Cardano has been under construction since its start and not even fully operational yet, yet completely destroys other blockchains already. Eutxo vs accounts based model vs tps such as Solana and Eth.

Example: I sent the other day. 1000000 Art 755 NFTs 420 Egg 365000 Wicked 10000000 Glass 30000 Atlantis 365000 Pepper 10000000 Ghost 3000 Hunter 350 ADA and 10000 Treasure in 1 transaction. GOOOOOOOD LUCK ANY OTHER BLOCKCHAIN. Not possible. OH AND DID I say FOR .55CENTS.

It costs $10-140 minimum to send $20 in Eth to another wallet. Plus 99% Blockchains can not multi asset send in 1 transaction. This all said i believe Cardano was the best choice for $Wicked to be affordable yet as tech perfection as it can be for my purpose. :)

Sum up. I believe ADA will rise naturally and i WILL let $Wicked rise without holding down with sell pressure. My tokens and team are locked over next couple years and 40% of supply will never leave the charity based wallet that is beyond the scope for a simple read. :) Long story short, $Wicked is live and will be used for anything from exchanging for tye dye logo socks (coming), Vip RSVP glass events, rewards, glass etc and each time it will be burned. Leaving more and more value for the charity wallet delegating to the "Tails" Cardano Pool which will give our % of rewards 100% to Coral Restoration Project in Key Largo. A whole topic of that will be out when i finish the whitepaper.

Sooooooo if made it this far i hope this gives ya lil bit more understanding of what $Wicked is used for. To buy it you can look in News section or Wicked Koin tab for private exchange link. :) You may also earn $Drachma that will be exchangeable for $Wicked in near future. If you made it this far comment stoked! Ill send ya some $Kraken Koin you will never be able to purchase and its whole use case is another story. :) You as a member everything is transparent and may see everything associated with the token. When burned, top holding wallets, soon price chart, volume, available vs circulating in link below.

Edited: May 30th, 2022 I see their buying to support defi protocols launching June 29th, now that the code is upgraded with Vasil. As mentioned above. Also had our first non glass interests scoop some. :) A milestone on smallest scale but baby steps.

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