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Wicked Koins


Q: How to get one?

A: Only available thru Galleries on my POD Drop list. They are given when adopting a Kraken. At my drop this 710 aka July 10th, you can preorder a Kraken for Feb 2021. This Koin will be issued to you and during the tome of holding you will receive interest back in ”Wicked“ currency. That in turn can be used to get free items only available thru waiting until Kraken hatches. Think of Chucky Cheese how you save tickets. haha

Q: What if I own a Kraken prior to these being issued date?

A: I will sort everyone! There is now a wait for that due to it all requires after hours computer stuff, then I issue Koin. Please join member section and describe where, when, and color of Kraken so I can find its #. :)

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