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Wicked Koins & BANKSY using NFTs

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

What gave me the idea? :)

December of 2019 i met WU diving in the Great Barrier Reef on Lady Elliot Island. We had a conversation of her explaining I should retain value of my glass through some sort of digital certificate, so people like her can invest. A light immediately went off. She was retired at 31 from investments in crypto worth 200million and just traveled the world. She kinda had a crush on me and explained if I was to be able to travel with her but not have to work, I’d have to start investing. I was in a habit of saving 10k and flying to farthest place I can. Haha

Point of the story is NOT for her but for my collectors, I looked into different options. Idea of blockchain with transparent, immutable, anonymous (yet doesn’t have to be), and most all decentralized form of ownership capabilities, i studied. I took several classes and thought of pairing a physical piece of glass art to the blockchain via a coin or token. A coin had its own blockchain, token resides on a blockchain. I started with a coin on Eth until March black swan stock crash when my developer took off with my 30k deposit. haha So I moved to waves then to Eth as NFT but blah blah blah not the point.

At the time there was no information of anyone doing it in the art industry let alone for glass and idea of multiple ownership. The Krypto Kraken was the first glass on-chain and with multiple owners. :) Well the time has come. I been waiting for a blockchain capable for these ideas plus more regarding charities. Even though it isn’t BANKSY himself, a owner of his artwork yesterday created a NFT. NFTs usual use case isn’t pairing a tangible asset with digital coin. They did it to his painting, like i been doing with my glass. Kings Of Leon yesterday just became the first band to NFT their whole upcoming album. Haha

My goal in the future is start a blockchain art agency called “Wicked Art Group”, to help glassblowers do just this. Anyhow if you are a artist please look into blockchain use case for your art..., it is the future end of story. Haha If you are a member of my page I’ll even help if I’m not on the torch or slammed. Here is a article of BANKSY getting into it. Can’t wait until more and more people get into the space. Anyhow have a rad weekend, torch calls. 🔥🔥 :)

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1 Comment

Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Mar 05, 2021

Hard to write all this on a iPhone mini but I tried. Sorry for my shitty grammar but get the idea.:)

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