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Wicked “Member Koins” is my future charity page that is funded by glass royalties and these member koins. Just been overwhelmed with work and Covid setbacks. I will be explaining over couple weeks in my forum on what friends I’m working with in locations to earn one. It will be based on beach cleanups like I’ve done in passed back in Santa Cruz. You may receive only 3 other ways.

  1. Purchase for $100 (not currently)

  2. Earn through beach cleanups

  3. Be paid subscriber for a year.

  4. Stash n dash treasure hunt

Perks they enter you in giveaways solely for holders and 20% off glass.

Made of recycled aluminum but my plastic ones made with fishnets are finally on the horizon. (Original idea before covid) :)

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good morning how do I receive my coin for being current kraken owner???


Will you be doing any cleanups around the St. Pete area?

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