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This an extension of the Tentacle Traveler series. Puffco Proxy Edition.


This is a private promotional release for website members and through Affiliate Gail aka Dabbing Granny, long time supporter and owner of Betty the Opal Kraken #5


Coming first day of Spring in 2 versions


99.9% Silver Fumed - April

24k Gold edition - July


Presale orders start April and ship mid May 2024


1. Standard 99.9% Silver Fume

2. Davey Jones Version 99.9% Silver Fume + additional tentacles

2. Davey Jones Version 24k Gold Fumed + additional tentacles


You may find a couple available at upcoming drops on *shop | drops tabs, or for auction on


Must be 18+

*Novelty art

Tentacle Proxy Traveler I Promotion

$710.00 Regular Price
$568.00Sale Price
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