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Short Story #1 of 8


Long ago, when the world was still in its formative stages, the primordial depths of the oceans were teeming with ancient magic and raw energy. It was during this time that the Seirēns, mystical beings with ethereal beauty, first appeared. Born from the convergence of powerful tides, ancient incantations, and the essence of the deepest abyss, these enchanting creatures embodied the very essence of the sea itself.

As the oceans expanded and evolved, embracing their role as the cradle of life, the Seirēns adapted, developing unique abilities and characteristics that allowed them to become the guardians of the deep. Their mesmerizing beauty, capable of captivating sailors and guiding them to safety, or ensnaring those who threatened the peaceful balance of the seas, were renowned throughout the world.

The Kraken Queens I Origin Story

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