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Terp Connoisseur - Traveler - Scuba Diver - Crypto Lover


  • Kraken Foundation
    Kraken Foundation
    Kraken Foundation Legion Team Badge
  • Kraken Council
    Kraken Council
    Council of both Kraken owners and Lords Of Hodl, to vote for the good of community.
  • Crystal Badge
    Crystal Badge
    Activity Badge
  • Honorable Member
    Honorable Member
    Honorable mention award. Black crown + Honorable Trophy Award
  • Dichro Kraken
    Dichro Kraken
  • Kraken Owner
    Kraken Owner
    Badge for Kraken owners
  • Lords Of Hodl
    Lords Of Hodl
    420 hold the "Polis" Token. They join 710 Kraken owners to form the Kraken Council
  • Genesis award
    Genesis award
    Contributed to Phase 1 of $Wicked Genesis
  • Kraken Krew Member
    Kraken Krew Member
    OG Grandfathered in or paid member
  • Atlantis Badge
    Atlantis Badge
    Member Of Atlantis Team. Must hold Atlantis token to earn badge.
  • 10
    Ancient Greece they believed 10 represented the creation and the complete. 10Yr Badge
  • Wicked Krew Member
    Wicked Krew Member
    Silver Wicked Charity Koin or trident holder.