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I obtained my first piece of Wicked Glass in October 2015, and I’ve been down for the cause ever since! 🐙🌊

Ocean/beach clean-up and ocean/coral reef conservation efforts are very near and dear to my heart, ever since El Niño and La Niña hit the southern California coast in the mid 1990’s and I saw firsthand all the junk that was washed ashore. That was like 25 years ago, and things have unfortunately only gotten worse 🥺. It warms my heart to be involved in a community group such as this one who holds my same values and goals to help our oceans!🙏🏼🌊💝 And, BONUS, we get to chat about and play with Jimi’s incredible glass art in the process! 🥰

Looking forward to what we can accomplish together!! 🧜🏼‍♀️🌊🐙💖


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