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Seirens, a majestic species with ethereal beauty. With abilities to summon the mythical Krakens and captivate sailors who threaten the peaceful balance of the seas. With their tentacle like-hair as a symbol of their royal lineage. This project allocates royalties for ocean charity, The Coral Restoration

Characters created by jimi aka Wicked Glass. A 

Seiren was created to represent the brand in 2015, 

in logo form before brought to 3d digital images.

These NFTs are traded on the secondary market as

well as exchanged for Wicked Glass member tokens

known as the Kraken Koin. Paid subscribing Kraken

Krew members can earn or scoop via


Although this page is refers to NFTs that

are available on the secondary. Stickers and tees

of your favorite NFTs are also available in the link



Starting January 2024, each month a new Kraken Queen Edition will have 10 copies minted. #1 Only available via The Kraken Foundation, where royalties of these NFTs are sent. Which then in turn 100% of delegated rewards go to charity. 


The Kraken Queens

Although the original short stories included only Thala and Yara when written in 2015. For the love of digital artwork, the project will be introducing several new incarnations of the sisters. Each guarding a different ocean or sea.



This is a ongoing project that would like to include the community. There is no current discord or telegram. Please join the POD as a Kraken Krew member for updates. This is a grass roots start, but these NFTs will be give access to such things as airdrops of Wicked Glass member tokens or exclusive NFTs. 

Below is Yara, Wicked Glass brand logo illustrated by Santa Cruz local infamous artist, JImbo Phillips. 

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