Wicked Koin

Community Governance Token

Ticker: Wcked


Cardano Blockchain


71m (71,000,000) WICKED - Community

Circulating Supply: 100,000

Tokens in Eco-system

  • Wicked Q2 2020

  • Kraken Q2 2020

  • Atlantis Q4 2021

  • Treasure Q2 2022

  • Glass Q1 2023

  • Ocean Q2 2023

  • Egg Q2 2023

  • WG  & other artisan tokens of WAG

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Wicked Mission I Royalties for The Kraken Foundation

Im am proud to present The Wicked Art Groups' $Wicked Koin - the official governance and utility token of WAG on Cardano and WAG. WICKED is a charity drive art token to help our Coral Reefs. 

The total supply of our utility token is 71 million (71M) WICKED, and 100k (100,000) WICKED are currently in circulation.

Summarizing, WICKED will many useful benefits as the utility token of WICKED:


Wicked Koin fundatmentals

This is a quick highlight outlining the development of the Wicked Koin for the art group. The utilities will be introduced step by step while we are continuing the development of WAG.

  • 1.  Launch of WICKED trading on Sundaeswap for members - Wed, April 20, 2022, at 420Pacific

  • 2. Development of WICKED towards Artisan adoption by

    • 1. using WICKED to contribute in community artist tokenization

    • 2. giving WICKED holders the opportunity to decide on new features of WAG, and influencing the future development timeline.

  • 3 .Start of WAG Artisan glass exchange, exclusively for Wicked and Kraken members.

  • 4. Staking of WICKED: earn other tokens as a reward for holding WICKED

  • 5. Staking Kraken NFT rewards for some of my most awesome supporters

  • 6. NFT Access (access to exclusive NFTs for WICKED holders only)

  • 7. Many more feature to come...


Summarizing, WICKED will have many useful benefits as the utility token of WAG:

  • Trading: access to exclusive art by WAG Artisans

  • NFT Marketplace: access to exclusive artist drops | royalties donated to The Kraken Foundation | Coral Restoration

  • Voting: Vote on community proposals

  • Staking: Participate in WICKED | WAG Artisan Token pools and earn some WICKED rewards.

  • Early Access: Get early access to WAG Artisan Tokens (the innovative launchpad from WAG)


WICKED Tokenomics

Initial Supply: 71,000,000 Wicked Koin tokens Ticker: Wcked Distribution Timeline: 5yrs (see chart above) WICKED in exchange of art will be burned, reducing supply

Wicked Koin tokens will be distributed through staking on "Tails" SPO (30%-45% APY) + other tokens (subject to change)  The 

most important of all of the tokenomics in my opinion, is the idea 25% of The Kraken Foundations future governance KRAKEN Koin is rewarded strictly through WICKED early stakers. 30M of the WICKED total supply will remain in place to back the


$WICKED Distribution

44% - The Kraken Foundation | 30M Locked in the Kraken Vault permanently to back its $KRAKEN governance Koin

14% - Liquidity Pools | $WICKED - WAG Artisan Tokens

14% - Staking rewards | Reserves | Charity Partnerships

14% - Operations | Marketing | Social | Future development | Future exchange listings

10%  -  Wg | Locked 12, 24, 36 months 

07%  - Kraken Council Team | Locked 12, 24, 36 months

It has become a common practice to offer private sales to a select number of large volume buyers, often with no cap on the number of tokens available to each buyer. This formula is sometimes even repeated in the public sale allowing “whales” to purchase a huge amount of tokens and later wield the power to manipulate the market for personal gain.

I am acutely aware of this and to combat the issue we have incorporated an anti-whale mechanism into the whole scale of WICKED distribution and keep things simple. Each wallet must become a member to see the exchange link address. I will maintain as best i can a private membership, to ensure early supporters are rewarded. The total circulating supply will never be for public speculation, although it is using a Defi protocol. As a base for other WAG Artisans including myself, WICKED will hopefully find a natural positive appreciation. This is a WAG member governance token, plenty of other tokens out there if looking for that. :)  

CANBERRA, Australia — More than 90% of Great Barrier Reef coral surveyed this year was bleached in the fourth such mass event in seven years in the world's largest coral reef ecosystem, Australian government scientists said. This news came just two days ago. May 11th, 2022.

So my goal is to try and do our small part by creating art that has more then one function. Through a army of artists that small part can be more than i ever can do alone.


- jimi aka Wg


Jan 2021 - Jul 2022

Jul 2022 - Dec 2022

Jan 2023 - Dec 2023

  • White Paper Wicked Koin 

  • Kraken "200" Mint NFT Project

  • Website landing pages

  • Social media promotions (NFTs airdropped to "Wicked" Koin holders)

  • Kyrpto Kraken hatched. Migrated to Cardano and distributed to owners

  • Krypto Krakens (TBA, NOT THE KRYPTO KRAKEN) airdropped (NFTs)

  • Kraken Trading Cards airdropped (NFTs) 

  • Krakens Authenticity (NFTs) burned and reminted on Cardano

  • Tokenomics (distribution to developers, social media, & wicked krew)

  • Whitelist presale for collectors, galleries, website members and OG followers through PHASES 1-4

  • Private Discord or Telegram discussion begins

  • Krypto Krakens NFT Project (not THE Krypto Kraken) -> Krakens

  • Ambassadors chosen

  • "Wicked" Koin Governance offered to public 

  • "Glass" Token airdropped

  •  (Glass Artist Exchange) "Glass" Token

  • Wicked Art Group (Blockchain artist service)

  • launched The Kraken Foundation 

  • Glass gallery creation process begins (24 Piece traveling, revolving, NFT glass gallery on chain)

  • WAG artist tokenization

  • WAG artist collaborations

  • Charity partnerships

  • "Ocean" Token offering

  • (Coral Restoration Charity) "Ocean" Token airdropped

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