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Day 2528 Aka Day 1 Quarantine. Groups > 10 ✅

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Following GlassVegas I had to postpone Hong Kong. Then Spanabis and now Flame Of Thrones in Ireland is postponed until 2021. Soooo many months of prep down the drain but who cares because many are fighting this lame virus. Here I’m chillen with Des and Ryan (takkng pic) at our secret break from daily glass grind.

My revised schedule is to return to Vanlife, now that back is at 80%. A year of yoga and back strengthening living that domestic life has me itching for the road as Westy has just been parked. My first meetup in person will most likely be July 10th in Santa Cruz, not 420 in WA. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing many friends I’m actually going to appreciate the social distancing downtime.

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