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FAQ: What blockchain?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

What blockchain krakens on? Originally Eth as a ERC-20 then Waves then back to Eth as an NFT ( another story the diff between a NFT token 1152 and regular ERC 20 (has its own blockchain on top of a blockchain) Point is doesn’t matter, one is just cheaper for you guys in transactions costs down the road when ya’all get the hang of it. Hence moving to Cardano once smart contracts and native assets arrive with Mary hardfork. Key to their chain is gas can be paid with “wicked” as opposed to Eth, to keep it simple. Nowhere is that possible at the moment and huuuge blessing to Kraken owner who is not tech savvy and do not understand gas fees.. Blockchain is just the block of info stored in a digital ledger online. Oh so you say big deal it’s online? Point is once written on the block it is immutable, it can not be changed. Billybob can’t tell Jimbo he paid a certain amount when he did not. :)

. ;)

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Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Feb 10, 2021

Just as I was talking about Cardano my boy! I finally checked my bag for the week. For those of you randomly seeing this... you knowmight want to look into scooping some. Idea I have of moving blockchains to Cardano I just saw a billion dollar company make the move. I know many have no clue about this but I’ll hopefully have more time in future to explain. :) Sidenote: Elon just put Tesla treasury of 1Billion into Bitcoin.. So those that say shit is a scam or just have no clue if tech, say that about the smartest guy on earth. Haha

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