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Go with the flow VS being stubborn.

Don’t force it.

Just as I said. Well I’m retreating from heading North, knowing fair well it might get cold. A cold spell literally hovered as I drove further. So I’m leaving stops Chicago. Ny, Nj for Spring. (TBA in future post) I knew since I was 6 weeks behind due to co vid the possibility might not happen, I still attempted.

It was amazing seeing the guys at Marleys and Chris (Heady615) in Nashville for a quick drop of some pieces and lil glass demo. (Describe in next post) I met them 6yrs ago randomly driving through.

From the cotton fields in Georgia and staying on Tennessee River it was all amazing, but lil to be seen since lows dropped below 28. 7yrs ago in Oregon I said I would always follow the birds when the leaves change, not when they have fallen! haha

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in its original form, but did give thanks to havin my two compadres Nala n Lily join me again. Nites were brutal even with heaters so we are decending back south early for Winter. Will wander Fl until our day we leave towards the

North East in April.

I was not about to be taking chances as I’m finally catchin up with glass, to see if it appreciates the cold. :) So as I finish lunch in Birmingham Al, off to Mexico Beach on the Gulf. A little spot I’ve worked at before across from the beach. Then to St. Pete hatch a army of 🐙

Hope everyone had a rad holiday with fam. ;)

*Topic for another day but have to bring up because i just had a convo with a couple at gas station. I find it funny nowadays kids are suppose to act like they know what they want to do in life. As if you can’t do several jobs or change at anytime without thinking looked as a failure in the previous. I dreamed of sailing so i joined the Navy. I wanted to DJ so did for 10yrs. Wanted to grow weed so I did. Love traveling, so I always have. Dreamed of being a truck driver in Alabama do driving this big ass bus kinda fulfills that. Haha Had dreams of being a fisherman in Mexico (Not one but have.) I guess im just saying in the 50s mom and dad might have had one job to be part of the societies production machine. Good for them, so what if you want to switch it up every 5 years and do what ya love, fuck it! This topic i want to expand on because tons and I mean tons of people keep coming up to me and ask what am i doing in this bus. Many just out of curiosity on the build or because they see the cats. Even a travel mag who saw me in Georgia wanted to talk N take pics. Some only said they want travel when they retire. Life is too fucking short. Wrong answer!!! Haha Not saying everyone wants to travel, in regards to they are not doing what they want now. So I give big thanks to friends, family, collectors or social friends who support!! #muchl☮️ve

*sorry my fingers are cold and grammar sucks and gotta drive so no editing :)

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