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School? Haha

I been in and out of it a gazillion times. Never did I want to learn so much of a subject until now tho. Deep into a 9month waitlist of orders I’ll still try to find time to study after work.Technically it’s for my collectors anyhow my idea behind building a store if value for my glass. Haha So over the next year I’ll be working on this project. Crazy how I’m sitting in a appartment above my winter studio here St. Pete after almost a year n half from my van travels. (Recovered from car accident back injury) Upon leaving 7yrs a go I never thought I’d be doing school or glass fulltime. Haha I just wanted to travel. When I return to it in a couple weeks to the van and head West to my studio in Santa Cruz hopefully I can set up a window display to talk about this. Once figured out I’d love to bring in the whole glass community. :)

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