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⚓️ Maine | 10yr Mission Completed

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Edited: Mission accomplished on Day 3791

Never tried to make it happen quicker, but Maine I did attempt 3times. :) The most that tied Alaska. Now complete. Demo info stay tuned to event page. All states in Continental US ✅

Happy TentacleTuesday! Giveaway starts in the morning. 💜☮️

Original: What’s Kraken? Morning fam! Saw my sign this morning. Every year I look for that sign to start heading South. Well this mornin I woke to a red Maple 🍁 Leaf and on a walk some birds flew south overhead. I thought to myself shit, I wonder if I can get to Maine and blow glass even if it’s a pendant.

For 99% of you probably don’t know I’ve attempted Maine 4 times. Each getting c^|^ed blocked by a storm. I called Member Devin who jus so happened to work for the National Park System. He scored me a nite for Woodie which is literally borderline impossible at this time of year at Acadia National Park. Let alone for Woodies size. Bless. So this I guess be a good time. Maybe I will bounce there for the nite and work. I'd have to wait for some opals and glass to show. Then carry on business as usual. :)

Maine will complete blowing glass in every continental state but Alaska. It was my bucket list 10 years ago. I guess that leads me to a

FAQ: How to get into glasblowing?

A: 1 find someone to teach you and do not learn on your own like me. That is solid. :)

Other then that there is no comprehensive guide. Only a philosophy i kinda tell in person at demos. I can only express my thoughts relating to my experiences. Just like I make pendants to fund bigger pieces. I might suggest keep a job to learn the smaller pieces. Hell I tell newbies to copy my pendants. If they choose to still copy, they can stay a cover band of glassblowing. Start working and not pay attention to a guy telling you to start working.

I don’t buy anything nor desire anything if it changes my interest for glass. I love glass and making it for people and my Members. Can’t buy the feeling of gifting a pendant to a random kid at a random RV park that can’t afford one, who generally appreciates it. 2024 is about something I tried during covid. City stops along route to cook and give back. Of course I do gotta pay for experiences also like going to Acadia. That is work as well. I will be stopping to do a demo  after, which includes hatching a Members Kraken.

I do not do glass with anticipation of compensation. Im 💯 down to sacrifice material wants and the hunt for money grabs to enjoy waking and do glass for those that appreciate it. :)

Freedom is actually you following your natural instincts without boundaries.  I believe success is doing what makes you happy when you wake up. Sometimes I feel a need to explain what I did in a day if off grid. There is a 99% chance I was blowing glass or attempting to find a way to blow more glass. Haha

Me waking in a million dollar house or Woodie.  Doesn’t matter. Though a million dollar house most likely has a pool. I dig pools. :)

Don’t get me wrong. Making money has a purpose and it is great in its ability to help others or a higher purpose. I love to give free shit, but I’d love to sell it at highest value as well. More made, more I can to donate to helping my fav charity interest, friends or family. For me I am who I am with or without the money. It starts by doing it not for the money. There are tons of money gurus, not many saying follow your bliss.

So, do whatever it takes. I have done glass soooooo long, I can make pendants 24/7 to live. I’ll make 2k pieces and live off pendants if I need. Which I have this last year, since FTX and Celsius literally took 4years of savings, which forced to create pieces that i was paid for. I sacrificed, getting the glass the skill down without wanting an Audi to go on a Tinder date. I guess it's cliche, but glass ya need to be consistent. :)

I’m older but fundamentally the same no matter what age. I do not wish starting sooner. I did the exact same thing in the past which had zero to do with glass. I’ve had a couple Audis minus the Tinder date. I miss my S6 sometimes. I do not regret changing directions until I found glass as long as I have. I might change again, but highly doubt it. Glass is too fun.

Glass is therapeutic for my ADHD. It’s a way to express my thoughts and it didn’t happen overnight. In fact it happened without me trying, just doing. Kind of like surfing, just stand up. Not over think. If it’s a natural feeling, simple. If it’s fun, it’s not work.

Most important. Step over societies boundaries to validate your success on glassblowing quest. Learning to OJ ridicule is pretty important. Now if you plan to be homeless and do it like me, it is tad different. It hinders glass production, yet the Krakens are symbolic of it. That I have no time to dive into, because it is a complicated relationship I’ve yet understand how to translate myself. :)

Long rambling answer story short, you must really wanna to blow glass outside of it being a hobby. Do not do to get rich, then you might get rich because ya some unknown master. :)

Just typed way to much because I slammed three cups of coffee. Out of my “Release The Kraken” mug of course on , buuut have a rad day. I will update the flyer with date of a demo in the events tab.

Some ideas for Sept.

Acadia and X off Maine

Demo | Meetup in PA

Meetup in MI

Meetup in Neptune Beach

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Upper Peninsula Michigan…super excited to see you in my area! I just won a pendant and am super excited 🫶 to receive a piece of you! Thanks for everything you do! Doors always open 🫶💨

Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Sep 01, 2023
Replying to

I spy adirondack chair! I use mine everyday on break with cats. :)


Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Aug 31, 2023

Might grammar check later, might not. Might forget … but yes this is for newbie glassblowers.


Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Aug 31, 2023

i had 2 kids ask me this week how to blow glass .. so going to leave this here. I can say go see what i wrote after a couple cups of coffee. :)

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