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Blog | Nov 2023 | Days 3847-3877

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Nov 30 Basically a post to start tomorrow. I said once i solved family lawyer stuff in Cali i'd return to rescheduling and attempting the missed meetups/ drops i confirmed right before my moms passing. Also said i don't care if there is snow or bad weather, even though only been in freezing temps 3 times in 10yrs. Time to buy a jacket. :) Only one rescheduled thus far is Glass2Grass in Miami. Jan18-20 with potential class that week as well. Know more around Xmas.

So tentative is below and once confirmed added to events tab.

Shakopee, MN Drop | Meetup (1 of the last Dichro Krakens)

Sixstar, WI Drop | Meetup (Joining me for a meetup and drop of their Dichro Baby Krakens)

Naturesway, PA Demo | Meetup (Family & weather interrupted last 3 attempts. Happening no matter what)

Mood Gallery, NJ Drop | Meetup (1st of the Ai versions)


Zen, ST. Pete Meetup to see old friends

Glass2Grass, Miami Drop | Meetup W/ possible class

Others: Will try to fly to Xhale for a meetup and spring A friend indeed, Australia for Demo | Meetup | Class

Headyhideout meetup in Spring but their drop is coming sooner.

Nov 26 Hatched Chris UV Kraken and awaiting for him to see my txt before I post it. :)

Took a pic for Maddie aka Lily (She has her own biz now so no longer on here) , who haven't spoke to for awhile and thought I'd share sunset with Kraken Krew as well.

Waiting on Dichro News from bromigo Miguel and as well as my opals for Sean's! Assembling Blue Dream for Xhale tomorrow or a Crystal Kraken. Depends on weather if too windy I do clear work. :)

Nov 25 As i finish Chris' UV Kraken and work on some prep for Sean, i'm at a halt. I really want to change a tentacle to reference a starting of new chapter. I added facial indents i'll explain what means at later date but ya. :) Feels good on the torch and bout to make some progress.

Confirmed Glass2grass meetup rescheduling and might include a class the same week or in early Spring. I'll post flyer around Xmas.

Nov 24 🌵 Dope Saguaro cactus i saw while brushing the grill as i woke in a new spot. Thanksgiving was ruff without the fam, but i posted i'm thankful for support to keep that inspiration.

At the start of the Nov i had my perfect spot i built out. It was snaked when i randomly had to go back to Cali to sign paperwork. I don't blame someone snaking it, totally not my land. Was good exercise to spend few hours bordering with rocks. :)

A week on the river was chill, but had to get propane and relocate. Getting busy down here. Thanksgiving is when snowbirds flock South to Cali & AZ deserts or S. Florida.

Nov 23 I do not really celebrate this in the traditional sense, but am thankful for every comment. Not just on Thanksgiving. Thankful for anyone who has ordered a piece or left me inspirational vibes for the year long battle with family losses. It has helped my Uncle going through a year of Chemo and go well beyond doctors projection since he was told wouldn't last to last Thanksgiving.

Thankful for my mom passing without pain and not having to see me go first. As much as i've put myself out there, i was positive that would be the case. So a new chapter.

My supporters are the reason i am inspired. :) I am ridiculously thankful i have time now to devote to members. Give back to those friends eager to rage a Kraken and been patient.

My morning was spent with kitties and doing laundry. (A couple wanted to see how i do it with mobile washer, i'll post in member *news section another day) :) Tonight kitties n i will feast on pumpkin pie with some vanlife neighbors. Other then that i'm thankful i get to work today!!! So without any further delay.... time for the torch! :)

Btw here is a Kraken for Xhale Glass Gallery in Seattle. No black friday deals ...i think i have 1 Tentacle Spoon i'll add to anyone interested but that's it. I'll kill it in 2024 so not stressed. :)

Thanks for the support and joining me over the years. ☮️💜


Nov 22 Giveaway was in member only *news forum

Nov 21 Silver Fumed x Dragon Tears Mixed Kraken hatched for Xhale Glass Gallery in Seattle, WA. Please check them out for a bunch awesome glass from others and this piece if randomly see. This one last few to round out their army they ordered right before i got injured and fam issues arrose. Bless them for patience. ❤️

Nov 19 Waited at a Loves Truckstop for a sand storm to pass after leaving my Uncles area. No thanksgiving this year. All work and blessed to do it, so i'm stoked. Posting the 2 Silver Shipwreck Fumed Tentacle Pendants in the shop i made at the truckstop.

Nov 18

630pm Finished a faded Organic looking Kraken for Xhale Gallery in Seattle. They have a Blue Dream coming as well to get closer to end of their long awaited army.

Pulled my 500yr old Spanish Coin from my Walmart table i dropped and melted into last year, to do a lil Silver fuming to this one

Nov 16-17th

Spent last 2 days having to return to Cali for a signature for a probate lawyer. Very annoying since i just set up at my ideal place, i believed to anchor for the month. Now i'm out by Slab City again because Palm Springs too many people.

It should be the last piece of legal stuff associated with moms passing. I aplogize. I started a quick giveaway for members only in the *news forum before i got the call i had to sign this shit by yesterday.

Long story but if ever wanna participate in giveaways, members area in *news tab. ;)

Michelle (🐙 Reef Kraken Owner) won the Aqua Og Tentacle Pendant! Much love :)

Nov 14

530pm Member Colin mentioned trying to do a timelapse, but had a phone call that interrupted until battery died. The evenings sunset was still lovely enough to save. Miss the ocean but in a happy place of solitude to do some work finally.

Nov 12 & 13th

7pm Xhale & Chris Krakens are in the kiln warming as i practice after so many obstacles just to work. My friend once said "Most work for the privelage to work", damn str8! :)

6am 2 days of seeing family was amazing and extremely saddening. Day 1 of moving forward with work and the kitties. 630am let's get it! Dawn patrol ready to melt. 🔥

Found a rad spot yesterday, but then group Boy Scouts infiltrated and started to want to hangout. So I found another and let them have it. :)

Nov 10

"Get Kraken!" Coffee, first heard here. I gotta make my own in the future because epiphany came that i love my own coffee so much and use to manage a very busy Starbucks in the Bay Area because it was fun.

Long story short i told member Colin i had to go make coffee and move spots to work. He replied "Get Kraken!" I was don't mind if i do. my cold brew is ready. :)

Nov 9


Be with Uncle soon, so offline until tonight or am. Palm Springs. 1 of 2 popular snowbird areas in the country. 🚌💨

Nov 8

9am Pet hack to buy you some hours

5am Morning! Windy day so starting extra early to finish a Xhale Kraken and try to hatch Chris in double hatch. 💜 Ariel won the pendant from yesterday. I don't use an alarm so i use cats so vary between 5 & 6 today was 5. So #5 won = Ariel's comment. :)

Nov 7

Happy Tentacle Tuesday ! This week is super busy now i am finally back on the torch. Giving my personal Tentacle Pendant away as a runner up giveaway. Check latest Blog post. :)

Nov 6

645am Good mornin'! Happy Monday let's get it. :) Going to be reaching out to some members today and John from NaturesWays to reassure my meetup will happen again. Staying positive.

My Uncle will resume Chemo next week, so requested to hang this weekend. Apologize for family interference. Again i only mention because the fact remains i make stuff with my hands, not printed with a machine. I'm working as much as possible ❤️ Love ya all! New week and blessed to be able to melt this morning. Hopefully hatch ready Kraken from prior vid for tomorrow. Head to Xhale Glass in Seattle. 🐙

Nov 5


Accidently used a wrong blue for a Silver infused Blue Dream Kraken for Xhale Glass Gallery in WA. So they will get this Dragon Tears & Unicorn Faded Kraken as well. Finishing up largest order that was part of a year long waitlist. Please check out their Gallery for a bunch of rad glass as well. :)

Nov 4

Went to see my Uncle for pancakes. Touching base with a list of people slowly but surely. Sending a email out to list tomorrow and rescheduling my Mi, WI, PA, NJ and Fl meetups. Kinda sad about all those i planned to see but soon. ❤️

Off topic, saw this Vanlife version of Woodies lil bro. Owned by a nomad who goes by Kenny. :)

Nov 3

420pm Made my buddie Toad who i met that travels via his Wildride Skoolie a Tentacle Earring Pendant in exchange for some pasture raised eggs. Saving my ass 14mile for food so i can finish the Kraken i am working on. Pic also shows a size reference between a pendant and earrings. :)

Noon Added a quick video to show how to make these OG Style Tentacle Pendants for those that obviously can not walk by camp and watch. Plus a few i met recently missed for whatever reason. Just for reference. :)

7am Coffee! I been practicing no cell phone until noon. Yoga, clean the glass and then setup torch. Setup takes about 35mins and breakdown is about 35 once parked for over 24hrs. Otherwise setup either outside or in, takes a hour. The setup outside is getting easier with the quick connection.

Nov 2

230pm I once had a scooter. I sold it because i didn't want to lug around. Draw back is 14mile round trip to ship on the beach cruiser. My collectors deserve it! ❤️

Someone wants to make cash? Do uber from Phoenix to Palm Springs in the Winter. :)

1pm Shipping a few items b4 i ran out of tape. A pic of a Pinapple Kraken collab with a buddie Evol, that got assembled but finally shipping. It's #2 and headed to Shakopee Smoke Gallery in Minnesota, who is one of the limited Galleries who will carry Tentacle Proxys. Just wanted to share. 🍍X 🐙

Picture of Nala always waking me at dawn to solar setup. 😺

Nov 1 630am

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Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Nov 04, 2023

If one day all the text are gone, my hosting company f#$^$% it up. Just spent the last hour rewrite info making sense of the images and the whole point of the post. I see there is a glitch in code on trying to follow other Members as well so will be on the phone trying to sort. Much love. :)


Brandi Buff
Brandi Buff
Nov 03, 2023

Jimi you owe us nothing take the time to heal if they don’t understand they are not true kraken krew we will always support you in everything it’s been a rough road for you and nothing in life is guarantee and some people really need to start to understand that life is unexpected live in the now and when it comes it comes much love as always!

Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Nov 07, 2023
Replying to

gonna call ya here in about 30 i have 8 phone calls to make :)


Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Nov 03, 2023

Also because i post here… doesn’t mean everything is gravy. It’s like a open journal to let some know i’m alive. :)


Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Nov 03, 2023

I just got a message from someone saying i’m ignoring them. Let me leave this here for those to see in the future.

Social IG, FB and or Tik Tok is not my website. I have had my website for 10yrs and suggested it would be lovely for people to sign up, to NOT loose contact. Website is my main and if i do not get time to get on social there is a reason.

Currently have a lot of work to catch up on and my Members or Galleries with orders deserve my attention. Factor in my Uncle has been going through Chemo for 9months and my Mom passed away unexpectedly. I live in a bus and logistically tryin…

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