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Blog | Feb 2024 | Days 3943 - 3871

Updated: Feb 29

Jan 28th Revisiting a old style with new colors. The "S" Seacaller Tentacle Pendants Pastel Series. These will be available at meetups & galleries only, not available on website. Gotta have something unique for those i meetup in person. :)

The 3 colors for this series is

  • Sea Blue

  • Titan Green

  • Siren Red The color i chose to make a Kraken to follow me at meetups because it was my moms fav color scheme. :)

One below headed downunder. The lil marble represents a Kraken egg that will be part of a project when i release Egg Token. Giving holders of these pendants to breed a NFT, only 420 of them. Idea hint is in the Digital Short Story in Origjn story.

Also a giveaway on Tentacle Tuesday here in the blog, but a different thread i'll have scheduled to post at 420 because i'll be on torch st that time. 🙏

Below lil update on meetups.

Jan 17th China copying my Krakens and even ones i have only drawn on paper or made 1 prototype. Even called the other ones Globe Krakens like me.

Yes i have a trademark. Do i care? No.

Not intimidating one bit and frankly it's kinda cool. I want to collab with them. No Joke! :)

This piece a collector has because she could not afford mine. Plus at the time my waitlist was too long. She owns a traveler, so she most deft supports and i appreciate her even owning this copy.

Fact is i teach people to make tentacles when i give little lessons hands on. If they further their glass passion and choose to be a Hall N Oats cover band, it's on them. Now you can see my point behind NFTs for proof of ownership. :)

This will be a post in its own when get time to write more about it.

Jan 16th Remint of NFT for Kraken #413 . This Kraken you can find downunder at A Friend Indeed Australia. Trying backlog as many Krakens prior to #450 so people can understand the idea of what the Ai ones will receive their traits from. I'll say it again. All future Krakens are randomly generated with traits from my previous 450. :)

Jan 14th I hope everyone enjoys time with their loved! Where was this shit when i was a kid? Saw this when i dropped some flyers off at a exotic snack stoner store, for a meetup. Too bad i do not eat sugar anymore. :( Did a challenge with my Uncle battling cancer last year and never went back to sugar.

Otherwise i'd tore these up.

Speaking of meetups, i updated event tab. :) For the first time in years i will have a couple items for retail and allow hands on instruction.

Jam 13th Gold Ruby "S" Tentacle Pendant Giveaway for a youtube buddie. This way it's open to non members of website.

To enter the post link is below. You can find in the community tab of my youtube. Also i just wanted to say thanks for the suppprt even if do not become a member. I tell members daily. This last year has been uber ruff and friends made it worth being stoked to return to glass and be inspired. ❤️❤️❤️ I hope all you love birds have amazing time tomorrow.

Jan 12th Locatiin for March 2nd confirmed. Demo in March 16th with Sherbet and Glass2Grass confirmed,

I'll add info to meetups separately and stash and dash tomorrow for Tentacle Tuesday.

Big News also but must be a member to get the email. A Kraken #436 Silver fumed Crystal Kraken is available. For the first time in years 2 became available because members wanted upgrades to their Krakrns.

1 is adopted by a Gallery and other saved to send a email out tomorrow for Vday. 🙏❤️

Jan 11th Guest demo with my local friend Dittel Glass was fun up in Upper Michigan. I never posted because i did not know if i was able to make it, but it coincided with meeting up with a Vet Tech enroute to discuss my cat Lily.

Event held in a Concert venue was plenty roomy to flame off. Met a another Glass Blower Gus who will joining next event on the 2nd in March.

I'll find the videos to post because i sent them to snapchat.

Jan 10th My cat Lily who i been with pretty much daily 15yrs and traveled everywhere with is under the gun. Born with a spinal problem that has led to a few near death infections has affected her again. Results in paralysis of back legs. So last couple days been filled with cat docs on phone and attempting to source steroids. Sorry if missed a few messages. She's a 9 lives cat so good vibes i just had to give update been busy with cat fam. 🐱

Jan 6th Happy Tentacle Tuesday x Throwback Tuesday

2013 When i introduced the Krakens with my personal dry piece. Prior to rig version starting in 2015. So from 2013 to the first Ai Version a decade later.

First Ai Kraken minted!! Ai Kraken #1 and #451 overall. :) For reference i re minted some of the previous Krakens so members can have a image of their Kraken NFTs. Idea if i can show some previous Krakens, it helps some understand how Ai krakens will get their looks.

First pic: Ai Kraken in glass form in progress and finished piece is up to member to send me a finished pic.

Second pic: Ai Kraken in digital Kraken NFT image.

Third: First Kraken NFTs re-minted as Kraken NFTs in a image instead of the what was standard Kraken Koin. Those Krakens are already made with owners.

Jan 5th Spent better part of cold ass night minting the first Gen1 images and the first Gen2 Ai Kraken. #451 generated for member Robert who has been on the waitlist so long i let him pull from the hat and grab the first Ai Kraken. These Krakens from Gen 2 like i have discussed are randomly generated by code based off the first 450 Krakens.

I will make 1 by 1 by creating a image and then the glass based off code description.

No pre sales of these and no waitlist. I will make and be available only once NFT is minted AFTER i make the glass version of the Kraken.

Members of my website and Certified Galleries get the first 10. Excited to see what they all will be. Super stoked as this Tentacke Tuesday is a start of something i have not see anyone done. The good news is means Robert's previous # Kraken is available. I'll give options to those on Kraken waitlist as it will be first Kraken available in quite some time.

I spent so much time learning blockchain, i'm stoked finally see it come together. Affiliates will be reaching out to Galleries in regard on how to secure one. No longer taking extended waitlists or customs, at least on Kraken model. Jan 2nd For those that missed the the *live, i'll be starting using the Youtube platform to discuss glass, events, bus life whatever every Tentacle Tuesday at 710pm Eastern.

I've attempted several ways to do this but Youtube in the end has straight up the best back end capabilities, even tho i would like all my content in my own website.

On that note, most will be public but some private for members of website. Most videos will be *live anyhow and or answering common questions i get about bus life. Woodie for most part. Private tutorials will be for extended classes for demo students and i want to use Youtube's storage. That is in near future but all personal stuff be obviously public. I would incorporate you all from meetups as much as possible.

I been trying to get this rolling but had a couple family things to sort if anyone sees this. I plan to use IG live as well in combo on some of these Tuesdays if it isn't me just sitting there, but something fun to see. :)

Glass updates as well but whole other topic.

If use youtube the link is

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Mar 07

This is so much stuff! I don’t have any clue how you handle so much stuff, all the time. I can barely keep track of my medical appointments. You take such good care of your babies and your craft. Hope you’re having a rad March so far! Much love Jimi🤟🏻

Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Mar 11
Replying to

Alli Baby Kraken coming! I’ll DM on next break. I hope the medical stuff is going more smooth. ☮️💜


Just subscribed on YouTube !

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