Kraken and POD Drop Updates

Next Drop: 52nd Glass Gallery Apr 20th

2 AM 3.28.20


I will be letting members get first dibs at available Krakens, accessories, or anything else i have a random idea to do. As you can see on the waitlist is long so i thought this might benefit for those serious inquiries. Also attempting to find a way to do giveaways for just members or prior customers. :)

5 PM 3.29.20

Wickeds Waffle House

Creating a auction page for random stuff as i experiment new techs before introducing as a option or wholesale. Members will get 20% off if they verify their membership here on instagram. 30% goes to my Kraken charity wallet. The account will be private to keep it easy for my assistant who will be helping from a remote location at University Of Indiana. Knowledable in glass and smart she will soon answer general questions. I will maintain questions for outstanding Kraken orders myself. :) The IG account is haha

420 PM 3.30.20

Kraken #195 (SOLD)

Attention everyone #195 Kraken has come up for purchase as the guy who put a deposit down back in spring or summer of last year bought a traveler. 

If interested please let me know by tonight. 

Cost: $2000 includes shipping 

Color options are 

- Serum 

- Black or black matte

- Terps 

- Red Garnet 

- Amber purple (Organic looking) 

Comes with dabmat and “Wicked Koin” for proof of ownership. 

*If you see this and someone from email or waitlist doesnt respond, message me "dibs". Thanks for the support. :)


- jimi

2:30 PM

Dichro Tentacle Pendants

If interested please message before i drop on Tentacle Tuesday. Members get first dibs, message me with which you would like. $200 + $7 Shipping. :)
- Gold Ruby (Sold)
- Blue Dream x 2
- Ghost (matte)
- Terps
- Atlantis (Sold)
- Meta
- Lotus White
- Lotus White (matte)
- Clear (retains mirror like shine from fume)
- Black
- Royal Jelly

10:30 AM

POD Drops Revised

May 22-30 @Clearalternative.rcvc

- Blk Matte #287

- Amber Purple #288

June 1st-4th @headysglassgallery 

- Fume 24k/99.9 Silver #301

- Crystal Kraken 

June 16th-18th (TBA Gallery need their details)) (Online drop) 

- Fade #297

- Teal w/ Pink accents #298

July 710 (TBA)

- Amber Purp #303

- Dichro  #304

- Crystal Kraken #305

July late @Leaflife Smokeshop Salem OR

Aug (TBA) 52nd Glass Gallery

12:30 PM

Tentacle Pendant Drops

Tentacle Pendant Drop

Last few months been crazy with my drops all aborted or postponed due to virus and work logistics. Anyhow a few have asked where next drop of Tentacle Pendants will be. The next 3 Galleries will have a little assortment. NONE available of my homepage so please check them out below. :) 

June - Headielove @Headlielove (Online)

June - Greenhouse @Greenhousesmokeshops (Online & 907 York rd, Towson MA)

 July - Big Als @Bigalsmokeshop (Online & Telegraph, Berkeley CA)


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