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Madison, WI | Day 3082

After a treck lastnight to see my neice perform in a horse competition and get 2nd place!! She kicked ass. This morning i biked to town. Pretty easy cruise on le bicycle to their Sat Farmers Market by Capital Buulding of Wisconsin.

My main reason for this post is the location of a campground.  I do not see this spot on any apps. Located 10min bike ride along the lake from downtown Madison. Like 30 spots and $35 to plug in. Rare that nobody was here and it's off the beaten track. Hidden behind some ponds and trees behind a big Arena. I believe it is first come first serve, but a great outpost to see Madison.

Sporting the color of the week “Rust”, but had mild chill so had to wear flannel.

Dope lil ride and best part is NOT croweded. Even on a Saturday when the local town college team plays. I’m so use to bigger cities. Farmers Market was chill and had ti buy cheese. Well I’m posting for my Vanlife friends I can reference later and or anyone that visits cute lil town. :)

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