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Postcards From The Road | Day 3787

About 7 years ago i made postcards to send with orders, based on my location. I called them "Postcards From The Road". Basically pictures i turned into postcards and once a year i made one of all the "real" postcards i'd gathered.

Well this time i'm using images i created related to the Kraken & Kraken Queens Stories. That way when i make the first Thala this Xmas, friends have back story. Anyhow a shout to Joel and Cory in this post for delay in shipment of their Tentacle Pendants. I wanted to send a "Release The Kraken" mug, didn't arrive in time.

On that topic i just revamped the whole page so ONLY Members still have access to glass because it gives the 20% off, but passerby's have access to cups. I do not expect everyone to join. :) Soooo cups are in the store

please tag me on a Tentacle Tuesday if scoop.

If a bus, vanlife or whatever wants to know... Polar Steps is a rad app to document your routes. Mine has for hella years. :)

Day 3787

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