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🐙 Available Krakens?

What’s Kraken amigos? Happy Friday! A quick blurp on this topic. As of 2024 as i stated last November, Krakens are only available through website direct to customer only. Which was my original format until 2016.

Only other option will be through besides Galleries list in the *shops link. I will not be working with any new locations so i can focus creating inventory for website, new products and time to organize meetups. :)

I have noticed inconsistency in market pricing after research and resuming work from a series of family events that deterred me from keeping eye on the market. Some Krakens going for over market retail value or secondary market Krakens being sold as new to market. All this with minimum inventory available.

Therefore please look at Galleries on my link below if ever interested. I can not wait to bring some new styles i have had so much interest to do for a hot minute.

Picture courtesy of, i believe it is the last from their demo drop available if dig. :)

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