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10yr Anniversary | Mugs, Tees, Stickers

After completing the continental US by creating some glass in every state, making some stickers and tees. Without putting any time constraints, just so happen be at 10yr mark. Yes, 10yrs since i left Santa Cruz to roam to blow glass in most remote of areas. I'm still alive. :)

I have to get creative and make next 10 about my supporters, more so then. just locations. I have already went everywhere I wanted, so now my focus is meeting everyone in between. This idea I had and tried twice, but covid stopped me.

Starting a 10yr commemorative sticker pack and tees with my first logo. A Kraken Krew Tee & Mug to let a future Kraken Owner pic to receive with piece. Aside from stickers these will not be open to the public for purchase in Gold.

I am brining to life my logo finally after 8yrs as well as a tee, The Kraken Queen Thala.

Members heard me talk about it for a few months now in the Member threads. I spent many a hours with no reception to edit the stories and images. :)

Breakdown as follows

Gold: Kraken Owner & Affiliate *Only Tees

Silver: In limited quantities to giveaway at meetups. In person only.,

Black: Be offered in *Store tab for anyone who would love to support the cause but can never make a meetup.

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