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The Kraken Queens | Scorching Seas

Image i did of Nerissa, Kraken Queen Of The Arctic.

Story #4 of 8 up in shop this morning for Tentacle Tuesday. This story is based around the Dichro Kraken, Dichroic. Who died in Origin story. Again, once all 8 stories are complete i'll make a hard copy small cafe book to toss in with Kraken orders. Around Xmas i'll hire a graphic artist to edit my digital images so better quality when that time comes.

These stories are always free for Kraken Owners, so ask for the 100% off code. Since profits go to charity though, a small fee for time i spent editing my bad grammar. :) Warning i am not a author, so expect mistakes. I do all this from my phone. Just a fun way to talk about history of different Krakens series. 99% of it is when i'm bored as f in the middle of nowhere. :)

Base story i made notes of in 2016 when i did the first Dichro Kraken. :) I hope to manifest some Dichro news when i call LA today. Until then this is free for everyone to download in shop for today only and will include info needed for a giveaway today.

Sidenote: 3 Giveaways today! Will post on break after some member calls and hatching of new Storm Kraken for Glass2Grass. Love it so much a adult will go to Xhale next week.

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