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Seirēn | Kraken Queens Story

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Stories are on Amazon for Non-Members for $1. Free copies are in shop for Members or Kraken Owners for first 10 copies of each in the store. I will use the stories as ways to leave clues or hints, for chances of winning giveaways in the Fall. That way people understand my thinking behind the glass projects. Once all 8 stories are out i will make a lil coffee book including the digital art i am making for it. It will take me about 8months, but stories just need editing. :)

Origin Story 1:

Story 2:

Story 3: Upload Aug 29th

Story 4: Upload Sept 12th

Story 5: Oct 7th

Story 6: Oct 17th

Story 7: Nov 7th

Last Story 8: Dec 24th

Happy Monday Funday! As i finish up hanging with fam, i had to finish images of Thala The Seiren aka The Kraken Queen. Tried to bring her to life in 2d, instead of just the logo. I got tired of seeing a old drawing. Im going to call this The Kraken Queens "Origin Story", that part i just made up, but original story i thought about 9yrs ago when created my logo.

After several several hours of Ai while hanging with fam, i replicated Thala. As there are many Oceans and Seas, so i thought be it would be fun to do several incantations of her. Therefore i have Kraken Queens from diff geographic areas. All which i plan to make out of glass once i polish my face sculptor skills to my own satisfaction, whenever that be. These will start as maybe stickers …. lead to NFTs, before Ai Krakens hatch. Code for Krakens have been written but not the images to represent them yet. I used Ai to check my shit grammar, but the story i made is at least is 10yrs old. Ai help me put into a format so get idea what i am thinking when comes to future glass ideas. :)

I will make her out of glass one day! When i do, she will be shown pregnant with krakens.

Most likely these will all become at stickers first or a calendar i can give out with Krakens.

Which is your fav? I added a poll. I thought it would be fun to do the calendar with Ocean Conservation facts to help bring awareness about our coral reefs. I uploaded the first 2 chapters. Ill add 3-5 for members only come fall and winter before i convert it a calendar for 2024. For kraken owners it would be a fun edition to add when i ship their piece. :)

Story is in the *shop are for members. to download for free if want to save.

Some other digital art i did so i can explain the story. Some favs turned into T-shirts, coffee mug and postcards to send with orders. Some descriptions are

- Top 6 are

  1. Baby Kraken (working on a image with this horns)

  2. "Release The Kraken" image i turned into a mug. When Melien attachs Redbeards ship.

  3. Thalas' flagship being escorted by Melien

  4. Thala, main logo character

  5. Kraken Egg

  6. Yara on her throne

Favorite Kraken Queen

  • 0%Pacific Ocean

  • 0%Arctic Ocean

  • 0%North Pacific

  • 0%Atlantic Ocean

Some turned into tees.. below. :) Seiren I Kraken Queen I Nereidra T-Shirt : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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