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Release The Kraken | T-shirt & Mug

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

“Release The Kraken” released

To scoop click links below. 🐙

Both now available in the store

Created to gift Kraken Owners for the future orders, but open to everyone. 🙏 Idea was there but took years to get a dependable 3rd party printing to drop ship, bless Amazon & Spring.

After several weeks i finally created the image i wanted for the vibe. A combination of 4 Ai apps helped me go from my sketch to this. This is a scene of Melien The Kraken about to wreck RedBeards ship, taken from my Kraken Queen Story I left out to keep it short. :)

Ill leave below.

In the midst of the relentless battle between the kraken queens Thala and Yara, Thala received vital intelligence regarding the presence of RedBeard's Galleon in a secluded cove along the coast. Recognizing the formidable might of RedBeard's pirate fleet, Thala devised a strategic plan to unleash her most formidable Kraken Melien at the first light of dawn. As the sun began to rise, a colossal set of tentacles erupted from the depths, violently crashing into the ship and shattering it into countless fragments. The devastating force of the attack left no survivors among the pirate crew, except for a few fortunate souls who managed to escape on some of the remaining fleet, one of which Yara happened to be aboard.

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