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Migration | Bus ——-> Wicked Woodie

6am on this Monday of a new month. I’ll keep this short but wanted to update fully that I’ve totally migrated to Wicked Woodie bus from Westy Van. Last in a series to drive around with sole intention to blowglass. I’ve always did vanlife growing up so that wasn’t new so that’s why I choose diff option in 2013. Starting in 2013 in a “A” class then 2015 in a “C” class returned to Van from 2016-2021. Now going to try a bus for 2022 + ???.

I worked part time and full time in the first two with mini mobile units, I’ve just added to the same to Woodie Bus. With it not being my main source of work, I will do majority of it in studios but not limited to. :) I will be hiring two assistants to manage my website and studios page on IG so I can focus on blockchain ideas coming very very soon as well as Xmas only glass ideas in the works. They will also be a voice for those with questions in case those times i do NOT have service. :)

One sad moment as of late is I found the space for my studio in Santa Cruz might change ownership. :( Even tho I waited 10yrs to use it as a retail front I will now with walk away from my lease due to the uncertainty of its ownership. Do not want to devote time to make a landmark which can be taken from under. This does not mean I will not return to SC for summers as I have many friends I can rent work space if choose.

As I head East with Winter destination of St. Pete, I will add my 2022 route as I go. Will add 🐙Drops, mini drops, Kraken cookouts, nomad or just festival meetups not related to glass. Members will get first notice of locations on smaller events and some only for members. :)

Santa Cruz drop unfortunately got rained on by me catching covid and van breaking down which took 6WEEKS and displayed my work schedule by couple weeks on top of that. Woodies On The Warf in Santa Cruz is in June of next year so I will give twice as much ample time to arrive and do SC drop. This year was sold out anyhow with custom pieces that I will drop ship to amazing friends. Preferred to present in a public setting first tho. I had so many food ideas and free dabs by local dispensary a NFT Kraken Trading Card which everyone who ordered will get either way. (Talking NFT not dabs) haha

This morning im headed into town to repair 3 broken lug nuts on Tire caused by shitty tire replacement service (will not mention name) Once fixed I will consider next move which allow me fastest way to keep grinding to drop ship 🐙 babies as they hatch. Its post Halloween and just missed my fav holiday and jealous as I see many rocked theirs. Next year!! :) I can’t wait to setup and work as I make way East. I anyhow I see it is getting cold quick so stay tuned for updates to those I’ve mentioned about meeting up and or who randomly see this. Hope everyone is staying healthy by the way!! :) Muchl☮️ve

BTW sorry I rambled on and on … just wanted get a couple words out before a run.

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