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Shout Out | Woodie

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Good morning Monday! Name is Jimi and the home on wheels behind me is #WickedWoodie . I am from Santa Cruz, CA. Even though I love to share experiences with anyone I come across on the road, I am socially bi polar. I do not post myself much. I like my glass to define me. That is a whole other topic though.

Today id like to give a shout out. To my boy Woodie, the bus. He was never meant to deal with the task of housing my glassblowing addiction. He has allowed me to stay sane over the last couple months, without a studio to properly work. For that i am grateful!! Otherwise without glass today it would be a mundane Monday for me. Haha

Hope everyone has a awesome week!! To the couple of collectors or supported that follow, Muchl☮️ve :)

Because the editor was hella easy, i used Tiktok to make a quick vid to show the daily life onboard Wicked Woodie. It was quick but just wanted to give perspective how small. :)

#dowhatyoulove #beindifferrent #honorablemembershout2woodie

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