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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Life is not a fixed journey. For over 9yrs i been doing glass pretty much everywhere aside frim covid lockdown or catchung covid twice. :)

Point is im going to do a spoon for a demo and do a giveaway on IG. A lil flashback piece before the origin of Krakens circa 2014-15.

Ive blowglass out of a RV to the middle of Death Valley Desert outside until sand storms. There is something i love about hatching Krakens outside.Ā  I want to do a video blowing somewhere cool with the drone .

Doing glass is not easy fighting the elements sometimes but traveling itself is not but if ya love it, you look past all that. Im a workaholic and if not blowing glass im working on the blockchain to benefit those that own it. Im finishing this piece for a Gallery along with Matts so thought id just post a vid and say wattup and hope have a good weekend since i had service. :)

Edited: 071522 Moved studio in because bugs start 2 Kamakazi. Haha

Took this video cyz Maddie ask what i was up to...sendin full melt since tenps are perfect 80. šŸ”„

It takes about 25-40 to breakdown and setback inside or vise versa.

Edited: 071622

Finish hatching this guy outsude as well as prep.

Upload hos final move later, šŸ™šŸ”„

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