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Time is TBD


Location is TBD

Kraken Waitlist Is NOW closed.

Krakens will now be available only through an affiliated program to ensure a tighter community moving into the realm of future blockchain projects this Summer. You may find details in the "NEWS" menu tab. Muchlove

Kraken Waitlist Is NOW closed.
Kraken Waitlist Is NOW closed.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD


About the event


 Ai will be creating all Krakens from Kraken #451 to #650. Numbers #650 to #709 have been burned and no longer be created. Therefore please contact a awesome Sponsored Gallery on the *SHOP menu tab if interested for any Krakens available in the wild prior to Kraken #451.


Q1: What do you mean Ai created?

A: I will create 200 Krakens based of character traits of the first 450, based of "Mathematical Code". The code will describe the traits, which i will use as guidelines to recreate. Basically a collab with myself. Out of 34000 different variations the Code will mix up 200 to replicate. All of these will have NFT attached to their creation as well, like the previous 450. A very creative approach i have had in mind for a couple years and will finally impliment. 

Q2: How will they be available?

A: The code has written the code for them into a folder already. I will open 1 at a time and create. Once i open i will let members get an opportunity to adopt, catch is in order to do so you will need a code. The password aka code will be only available through members of the Kraken Krews Affiliate codes or Galleries who possess a adoption code. Once sale is confirmed, it is then scheduled to be made. 

Q3: How do i get a code to be an affiliate?

A: Must be a Kraken Owner, Gallery or a level of at least possess a badge and be given a code. For Kraken Owners the referral code to access shop is the number of their Kraken. 

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