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Color Of The Week | 🌀 Blue Agate

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Week 09

Color: Blue Agate

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kraken: No

Company: Molten Aura

Pros: Awesome brown marble look reminiscent of the Lightning Kraken Series. When the silver fumes out like lightning, but on brown instead of black.

Cons: Even though it is manageable on a small scale and more stable then fade to black, the viscosity holds it back from hatching as a Kraken. Too much heat to melt and forming it into a Kraken would result in boiling of the color.

Very very expensive.

Edited: It is now Official color of Baby ⚡️ Storm Krakens. Only hatched if a lightning strike within 10miles occurs. :)

The color was tested at a demo where I made a Tentacle Spoon at a local small festival called "Vibin In The Pines". Idea was for a full Kraken hatching for Glass2Grass $ Xhale, failed my personal test. The color will live on in pendant and spoon forms. :)

*Posting in case a member is interested before post to social tomorrow.

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