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Remote Glassblowing Series | Pt. 1 Weather

FAQ: So want to blowglass remotely? Independent from location?

What’s Kraken? Good morning from middle of the high desert. Having a cup of coffee and thought i’d share a series of experiences for those that displayed interest in blowing glass remotely. Social media has enough on how it can be fun, but rarely talks about real issues. This series, i’ll try to keep it real and try to help future newbie glassblowers who wanna take their torch on the road. I hope it doesn’t deter, but just objectively sheds light on my experiences. I hope it helps in some way at least one person.

#1 Biggest misconception is that a perfect environment exists, or it is cheaper.

Fact is the perfect environment happens 5% of the time.

Costs i mostly do not even include in the finished price, in overall time associated.

The biggest contributor or inhibitor to work production, is the weather.

My original idea 10years ago was North in the Summer, South for Winter. North anywhere above Santa Cruz. South for Winter in only 2 areas I like, the Southwest Deserts and Florida. Both are uninhabitable in the Summer, forcing migration North. That is “if” you are trying to blow glass.

Current scenario today. Due to family reasons, I’m now in the desert region early. Instead of the planned Florida first, then in the desert around Dec. So here we are. Trying to escape 100+ heat. I do NOT blow glass in 100+ anymore. I’ve had some close calls, so I drive to an area feasible to light torch. Plus I do not want to subject my cats to it either.

If the variable of heat is doable, then it requires wind to be under 12mph. I park Woodie to safe guard, pending on direction. I’ll work inside if temps are reasonable.


I have 2 options this week.

A. Drive out of the desert approx 600 miles. This would take 2 Days. Not an option after driving 3000 miles over the last 3weeks.

B. Find the coolest area in the desert region. This week it is the high desert between San Diego and El Centro. Down by the border of Mexico. Yes i biked by 4 who made their way somehow over border, being detained by border patrol. I’ll add a picture of the wall.

Seeing that the temps will not hit 100 this week here I’ll anchor and start melting. 90, not 100. :) Which means 100 once blowing.

There is plenty of BLM land. A hot springs campground I’ll do a review later about that has Wi-Fi, showers, laundry. A road I can bike to get 1 bar and a 2mile hike to get 2bars.

No service is a blessing for most but logistical nightmare for customer communication.

Once caught up, my new business model will be to offer only finished items. Solving the year long waitlist issue related to this. Never again.

So everything is a Pro and Con. You can’t blow glass outside in downtown San Diego on the beach with 5 bar Tmobile. I mean technically I can but all the RV parks are sardine parks with months waiting list. It leaves spontaneous trips out of the question. 2020-2023 saw a 20% RV increase to make it worse. :)

Yes you can Vanlife but can not blow glass in a VW Van in downtown SD either.

As you can imagine, it’s a daily checklist. That is why every Kraken has a story. I remember what it took to hatch each and every one. Once you dial in a few things, makes the sailing a little easier. I have seen a few new glass blowers pick up the idea and loving it. Ben doing studio to studio via Van. Fetcho from his mini trailer. Dan from his camper.  So it’s all perspective. I get bored to easy.

Today i will update present the Kraken incubation report. Good news I see my Dichro guy Wed for full schedule report. He will be driving to see me and go over everything. Dichro people expect a message today that I’ll give ya a update later this week. :)

I’m rambling but does anyone remember the Shipwreck Silver coin melted into the table? Well I pulled to encase on new set of Krakens for Xhale (Blue Dream) (Silver Serum) and Glass2Grass (Sunset)

Pt. 2 i’ll explain how to even store finished or raw supplies.

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2 Yorum

21 Eki 2023

Wow, I know like, nothing about this area. I love your drawing! This is the kind of stuff that I always wanted to see. Even just that peaceful moment of you sitting outside Woodie with a cup of coffee. Hope you have a chill rest of your day 🖤


Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
16 Eki 2023

drew lil illustration while texting members and waiting for sis txt back

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