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Color Of The Week | 🦄Unicorn Tears

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Week 01 Re-Visited

Unicorn Tears

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

Kraken: No

Company: Glass Alchemy

Took 1 ⭐️ away. Today I finally solved my curiosity of the 🦄 ✨ Unicorn Tears puzzle! As I was completing a Baby Kraken with the color, a few tentacles were striking (aka coloring) abnormal. Can see sample Tentacles I took off below. Heavy copper was surfacing more so than silver. After re-striking with no success, I was baffled the last 2 days.

I was replacing a couple tentacles to have it repeat You can see small traces of it throughout in general, but this was creating full color tentacles. It’s a dope look but not what my two collectors Chris and Jonathen were striving for. They dig purple hues.

That is why I do Tentacle hand piece prior to a Kraken and pendants b4 a hand piece. . This is the first time a color passed the hand piece test and then didn’t co-operate. Time is of an essence when I’m trying to finish hatching ones on deck, but only have my travel kiln.  Before my fam tracked me down for a bday dinner, I solved it. I will charge for a class on how I did it, :) but rest assured I completed to my satisfaction.

So this Baby Kraken is the last Unicorn Tears piece I do outside of a pendant. My plans for full size for a Gallery will be reconsidered.

Until then this Baby Kraken receives the #12 instead of original #. It will also be listed for 24hrs in *glass available tab to members only. If not adopted it will find a secure home with a family Gallery. I love the organic look and thanks for bday wishes from those that found out. :)


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