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New Homepage. Under Construction.

This is my first blog post to talk about my new page. I had to move away from mostly blogging due to no time. :( That being said it leaves more time for glass. :) So as of 2020 i added a chat section to ask any questions on Tuesdays, Thursdays 420-710pm. I or my new assistant that will help me while im on the road will answer. Also new are the "Wicked Koins" ill be explaining throughout the year on here and at meetups. I added a drop list of Galleries who will be receiving Pod drops and those instore gatherings. Through the members section i will send updates on what Krakens head to what shops with color choices as well as any other updates, so signup if want the latest info. I decided to not use Patreon for that idea because i dont want people to have to pay. :)

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