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Krakens Release, Summer Update

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

only 1 this summer in US

in Chicago area ... centrally located. :0

These Galleries, half who i thought id see in person before Covid thru Summer #2 into a spin. Each one of them i saved Krakens that have attributes such as a third opal eye and or beaks. 2 will have the cotton candy colors that will only be made here in Santa Cruz. Stay tuned to their pages for updates as i finish them this week. The last two weeks i caught covid but the major issue was i found out after i had stuff already at friends house. Then Van busted a tranny finally after all its adventures. Currently back on torch finally and over the week ill post a few headed to each via email updates. :)

Friends in Australia became part share owners in the Krypto Kraken that hatches this November and will be first seen at Art Basel this winter. Before there were NFTS the Krypto Kraken was minted as the first multi ownership NFT im even aware of and i did my research when i did it within the blockchain community. They never heard of it at the time yet alone the art community or glass industry. Stoked to finally have it hatch and represent the 1st of 20 in the revolving gallery exhibit im putting together.

The Santa Cruz drop will also be going down as soon as i know when my Van can be fixed ill update.

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