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Most FAQ: How much are Krakens?

2000 Crystal Krakens

2000- 2500 Standard Krakens

3000- 4000 Reef Krakens

3400- 4000 Crushed Opal Krakens

3600- 5000 Crystal Dichro Krakens

4000- 7000 Dichro Krakens (as pictured)

5000- 7000 Opal Krakens (200+ Opals) (Extinct)

Prices may change not thru me but through galleries as 2021 I will start the Kraken Halving. A idea of reducing how many are hatched each year to support their collectability. Only 55 will hatch in 2021 and 27 in 2022 and 12 in 2023. This will allow the progression of other Kraken ideas and blockchain integration. Nobody is doing it so creating the idea from scratch. So far working exactly as planned, as I dive head first into blockchain tech.

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2021년 4월 06일

Do you have a potential date for when the lower end Kraken's will be started? An when we can be put on a list to buy them? An when a price list for those will be available. I know you are super busy, this is an incredible idea and I know I'm not the only super excited person 🤘

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