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“What’s Kraken - Coachella?”

Well my pressure cap sensor for my overflow tank stole the show.

Haha Late for my meetup at Mikes with a issue I first came across in Flagstaff that held me up for 2hrs trying to solve.

Long story short after 8 days of a drive thru hell of heat riden days and long nights trying to sleep I arrived in LA to finish a piece for the drop. Scortchin’ temps literally, some 116 + with 2 forced hotel visits. Even thru Dallas (Where luckily met up with Erin and Dylan who showed me a water park) cutting north to 40 I had to return back thru the Mojave to arrive.

Too many things to add along the way story wise but the drop I missed. Very pissed off I got stuck on side of the road after staying up all night to finish a Kraken. I had to do coating for Kraken and several other projects with my buddie Miguel. As people waited, I had no service and could do nothing but wait until sun cooled .... so my sensor would alllow van to start. :( It is not common but with stopped traffic in 100+ heat it’s just perfect combo to fuck shit up. It was chill after several messages to those that did wait and explained and gifted lil items but it’s besides the point. :( Met Mike the next day and it was great to chit chat and catch up. It has not been since I lived in Slab City 5 years prior, when I visited to buy a quartz banger. Hard to blame the heat but it is what it is. I mean it was a basic drop but first chance to see ig buddies after slow in Covid. Left a couple Krakens, Travelers and Pendants. Please hit them up it was a nice selection, some I didn’t even want to leave. :)

2 weeks after leaving Florida I found my first day today being able to enjoy under 85 degrees for longer then a couple hours. Im packing up soon to make way for Santa Cruz once some prep is done. I will scoop a kiln in Humbodlt to return and work on studio in Santa Cruz with some decent productive working weather. ;)

* Sept 25th is next. First drop in Santa Cruz (TBA)

** Also 2 small drops headed out that I will post over next couple weeks.

*** Have so many pics. I’m gonna just use them for throwback Thursday haha

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