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What’s Kraken? | Life Work Travel Update

What’s kraken? Good morning from the Coachella desert mineral springs. After a month of dealing with issues associated with internet, I will be going Starlink. No longer being tied to the mercy of Verizon T-Mobile or Att.

Last month I left my cell on a gas pump followed by 2 weeks of fighting with T-Mobile again to get a replacement Sim.

Long story short moving onto Starlink. Thanks to many friends i met at Skoolie bus meetup, I was convinced my only option to function properly with such heavy online needs.

The catch with Starlink is the power draw it requires. So until I complete a revamp of Solar idea on roof deck in the near future, illl schedule it's use with generator running kiln.

Life: As of last couple months I’ve been on call for my Uncle which has terminal prostate cancer. I will be his go to for help and I appreciate everyone for their understanding. Otherwise as I explained before I would be in Florida. So as of now Florida is not going to be a Winter or Spring option. I will though go to do a drop at Glass 2 Grass (TBA) once I get confirmation my uncle has needed help in my absence. Until then I will be using Starlink to not ever again be disconnected and will be getting help on my website since the departure of Maddie. (She’s too busy with school and I appreciated her mucho.

Work: I have a few Crushed Opal hatching I’m stoked on and heading into LA this weekend to finally hatch some Dichro I been patiently waiting for as well as Kraken Members. Due to the company scheduling I been having to wait because of machine orders over booked.

So Week 1 of new productivity plan to unleash the many new ideas and catching up on the waitlist. :)

New tees and stickers coming! They have been on order for months and stickers should arrive this week and Tees in a week. They will be printed on desert beige in an interesting contrast to the orange Terps Kraken.

Travel: I do plan a meetup in AZ or Slabs this Spring but that is all after my Uncles health issues are resolved. Travel itself is just consisting of movement related to glass shipping and receiving areas based around my family members general area.

The meetup will include a obvious tacos, demos and doing some mutual activities.


*Ill be answering messages as fast as I can. :)

** Below a pic Alex (Friend I met at skoolie who decided to tag along to The Painted Caynon. In search for spot internet and place to camp as made way to pick up my raw glass delivery and stickers)

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