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"What's Kraken?" Spring I Summer 2022

After returning from Australia in October 2019, i planned a China walkabout. The idea was i can blow glass and maybe find the person copying my pieces and collab. Haha Although covid hit 3 months later. Ya see most feel threatened by China copying, i feel flattered. Some glassblowers because get this perception where because they been doing glass 20years, feel entitled. Everyday you must find a lil some some to your mission. That is where i found the blockchain to prove authenticity, after studying it a bit and taking some blockchain classes at Cornell. I not only thought of a way to authenticate my glass, also realized a way to incorporate a system to lock in royalties for the charity i had been giving to.

That is where i am today. I will be heading out this spring to bring awareness to the mission. Support the oceans reefs through glass and blockchain. Standing up for our reefs! At each drop or meetup ill take the time to explain to whoever is attending.. Krakens were once the metaphor for my nomadic behavior of non stop movement. But that movement became just movement, not meaningful. It was too easy to just roam around and blowglass. To create glass that has multiple functions, now that i dig. Some glass artists take it personal if a piece created by them gets resold on secondary market, i encourage it! It creates royalties for Coral Restoration Foundation by adding funds $ to The Kraken Foundation wallet. Im taking it a step further and will be networking the art scene to onboard other artist leaders in their medium to tokenize. Adopting them into The Wicked Art Group, a collection of artists down with the cause. Im going to be offering the first artist exchange for their own fans and collectors to participate, all while helping the same cause. :)

Anyhow dates are not confirmed yet so i will edit this down the road. The Pod Drop tab will also have dates so those that RSVP may be eligible for free giveaways. The first date is March 3rd at Oakeechobee Music n Arts Festival. Will be doing a old school idea of selling a couple smaller items and festi Tentacle Pendants but..... only excepting $Wicked. Old school VS New. haha Look for on saturday at noon. I and two other glassblowers from Atlantis in St. Pete will be doing a mini drop. (TBA) what day/hour. RSVP if going and ill give ya heads up. Anyone who RSVP and attends in person will earn some $Kraken Koin. It is the Parent Koin to $Wicked but it can not be purchased. Hence ya see a Treasure Box of them. :)

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