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What's Kraken Update | Summer Itenerary

Happy Tentacle Tuesday!!  A lil update since havent had much service last few weeks. Had to go off grudcdue to the crowded camping or reserved RV park scnerios i had, was not anle to get proper hours in on work.

Just finished a meetup in Minnesota back country. Met some amazing glassblowers and Shakopee Gallery, who i appreciate for making the trip. I can not wait for future ideas we spoke about. Also stoked to see Josh aka Grim come out. Good finally meet ya!! :)

Il keep it real tho, it was alot smaller then i imagined and not to take anything from it but the location made it difficult for some to attend. It was out there!!

Justin sported me a batch of his new new baking color that is probably the raddest unique color in its striking ability. It will be the Color Tentacle Pendant Of The Week next week.

Meetup was cut short to avoid a phat storm following the day of arrival leaving many hours drive to avoid on the WI border. Here is lil vid from a few days prior working on a farm in farm country midwest. Ill most likely avoid the heat south until it is bareable to descend down to LA to do some Dichro hatching. If heat persists i might double back to PA then extend trip and not anchor in St. Pete until Oct Nov.

Gotta register Woodie in Cali by October so blah blah blah anyhow that is info mostly for a few alonv the way. Other then that im double timing it finish a last gen of Krakens before the "200" mint.

Going to have Lily create a PA meetup group to organize. That will happen as well as a Desert one.

Other then that i hope everyone is having a rad summer and staying cool. Everwhere south of WI is on fire temps. :)

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Love the pics 😊☀️

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