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Wicked Glass Tees

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Wicked Glass tees...

What's Kraken? Guess what day it is? Only day i get alerts to remind me. :) I finally solved the issue of not having to deal with storage of tees onboard Woodie. I went through a couple print on demand options, but NONE were dependable enough. Created a big headache.

I thought why not apply for Merch On Demand with Amazon after excepting their influencer account. I got accepted! Waaaaay more dependable in comarison. The costs are like HALF! So $18 instead of $36. I willl be putting out the hoodies etc once new logo prints. :)

"Yo, What's Kraken?" & Kraken Queen Logo V3 for the first time in color, then logos V! 2013-2015, V2 20115-2017, V3 2017-2023, V4 COMING JULY WITH a revised version of Serien Kraken Queen. Let me know if scoop! :) I will have beige versions soley for meetups. Also added a fav of mine, Krypto Kraken (Piece I will finish this Summer finally, needed cold working wheel.)

My amazon account ill be using to post stuff is also:

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Jul 06, 2023

I will be going to Santa Cruz soon and I most definitely will be bringing my kraken queen shirt to wear .


Wg aka Jimi
Wg aka Jimi
Jun 27, 2023

Please tag me on a Tuesday, if ever get a pic from scooping one. :)

Replying to

I didn’t notice the woman’s sizes,, sooo dope I’m so stoked!!!!! I’m going to the beach for my bday so I’ll be rockin it :) have a wonderful day 🫶🏻🐙

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