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24hrs Average Day | Day 3784

Updated: 6 days ago

What is a typical day like? Not really exciting but on average if do what ya love its always something to wake to. :)

Started yesterday out running a heatwave. 100+ temps for me to take the girls somewhere north so they do not have to deal. Its all about them, i will melt in 110.


630am Wake to the girls

7am 🐱 Feed the girls and coffee. Shameless plug for my favorite mug and if interested in one you can find on Soon ill have a Kraken Krew mug for Members Only.

8-9am Stretch before sitting or standing all day because of a old car accident, gotta get that core back strength proper. Then finish postcards to ship. 🙆‍♂️

9-1030am  A quick jog or bike ride. This case bike ride so i can ship out some postcards and stickers from last Tuesdays Giveaway.

Usually start work but do to a new location i start around noon since i have to set up and usually greet nearby campers so they dont freak when see flames. In this case i spent time introducing myself because they came to me. Grabbed more coffee in this small town called Fish Creek. Post Office so small had to ring a bell, oh i dig. :)

12pm Realized i am low on propane. This is part of what makes it a typical day. I have a long checklist prior to moving camps then forget the most basic of all, gas to work. :) Onboard Woodie i have a 50gallon and BBQ size, both are hard to fill if in a small town.

Cell dead. Happens 5-6 times day since i use for website and literally everything. I love iphone so much this leaving Santa Cruz in 2013 started the week i bought a iphone5 📱.

1-2pm Kraken Owner Messages, Social or whatever. I don't do social before 2pm anymore due to the fact i have too projects wanna do. As Kraken Owners grow it's literally impossible to keep up with everyone although they know i love them. I try to do tiers of relevant ones first.

On that note i posted a prototype Kraken Egg Slurper Set in Members News feed if anyone randomly sees this. Love feedback if see. :)

6pm *live with Gail got postponed until 7pm Chicago time. Unfortunately place where i parked had bad service to hold a live feed. Her Baby Kraken did hatch as well as Chris … James follows on Sunday then Jonathan .. Sean .. Cynthia. What else? um …will talk about it Live but decided to attempt a Baby Kraken with 🌀 Blue Agate for Glass2Grass. Gail named her Baby Kraken Betty also .. i will show it when go *live with her.

10pm Finished *Live with Dabbing Granny and couldn't post until she saw first. Baby Gold Ruby BB of Gail's. :) You might have missed live because i went live accidently in my page because she invited me there. I never went live with anyone so didn't know. Anyhow giveaway in thread for Members Only starting tonight. :)

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