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43.93305° N, 88.56490° W | Oshkosh, WI

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Circle R, soon to be “The R”. R for previous owners, now “The R” which locals call it for the bar catering to local farmers and new management. Nice lil stop between Chicago and Minnesota off 41 South of Oshkosh. Friendly owner new Dale gave me a tour and several drinks on break from glass. Not really into RV parks unless they feel more remote as if camping, such as this one. Given the situation I had to work in peace, he gave me the furthest location overlooking miles of farmland.

Don’t usually do Midwest for Summer, but this has been a great time to explore. Kinda forced with the insane heat south in either direction.

Dale being a new owner fixing up the 1940s park is also the evening on sight bartender. It’s interesting to show random travelers from everywhere from Canada to FL I blowglass. Then find out their functional.

Park itself definitely has a farm Midwest vibe. Amazing the laundry, showers, and Wi-Fi work. 99% of the time a park is down one.

Anyhow great spot for stop heading thru 41. Also the worlds largest air show comes once a year approx 5miles away. Hence I’m staying to check a day before heading south to Chicago.

Gonna set up to grind and hope everyone staying kool. Its literally a inferno everywhere.

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