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Color Of The Week | ♦️ Gold Ruby

Week 10

Color: ♦️ Gold Ruby

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kraken: Yes

Company: Molten Aura

Pros: A unique rich red, that the opacity is strong even when thinned out. :)

Cons: Very stiff but worth the struggle. At least it is not effected by heat. Very expensive.

Uploaded The Baby Kraken #7 available through Dabbing Granny's adoption Affiliate code. Not taking orders for these, so if interested. Hatched in Fish Creek, WI out running a heatwave. She was the first to order one a year ago and offered it to be part of the adoption system. We went live to discuss, but went live on my Woodie page instead of glass on accident. I will go live today on glass page to explain but members get first dibs. I have a quick repair and gotta go live for member Chris to hatch his ... then giveaway. Hint a giveaway will include needing a copy of Origin Story. Found in *Shop.

*Important if want to adopt this Baby the QR code is there. Next one is for Glass 2 Grass then Payton's n Joel's. :)

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Stunning as always. Well done Jimi.



It looks so fucking good! 😍👏🔥



I was able to get one

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