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Guest Quarters Onboard Woodie | Kraken Fam

Once i'm caught up on my list in a manageable load, i'm going to return to my idea of staging my meetups and Kraken Cookouts| Mini Drops. The focus will be more on engaging with supporting fam, then selling. Of course can always use gas flow. (Desiel, not regular) Tuesdays cooking tacos for ya'all!

I just did some deep cleaning before actual real fam comes joins me tonight for a campout. Just in case my nephew or neice doesn't do the tent. Was looking like a beautful evening but then i mentioned i gotta go release a Kraken and weather flipped. haha Not sure the severity but headed to work and i hope who ever sees this has a rad Saturday. i'll

be with fam and see ya Monday!

Here is my guest quarters for glassblowing buddies or anyone with a Kraken Krew badge or hell any badge if ya i get to know ya and seeing ya passing through. If want a sample of Buslife.... trust me not for everyone. :)

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