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❤️ Mucho Gracias! | Day 3830

After 3 weeks of driving and sorting my mom, i'm in the high desert avoiding heat. Had to see my little brother in Palm Springs, so i headed to the desert early. Ready to melt🔥🔥🔥🔥

My schedule has completely changed yet again but will update meetups over next couple days. I am in a area i can not wi fi call, but can use wi fi data.

Shipping will happend thursday and organizing my raw glass that was to be scooped on another path forwarded to me. So much to do so i'll keep this short by saying thanks for the comments and glass support.

Loosing my mom i will not lie. It was and still the hardest thing for me to adapt to. I appreciate the love. ❤️ You all rock! Glass and you all are the reason to wake early. :)

Over the 6months aside from being caught up, i plan the meetups previously discussed, but i will need to wait for FL with Woodie until early Spring. I can describe traveling in a bus as your home is not easy if hiccups occur. I feel like it's sometimes negative to describe the logistics, but objectively i would not want to mislead it is easy. The work that goes into every piece has about twice as much work that is never scene. I see some new glassblowers that wanna do what i do. I say master the glass first, adding travel to it is a whole other aspect.

Hung some mom pics and time to get off the phone. Melt time.. :)

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