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Off Grid | Update

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Hey ya'all using Wfi to give uodate. With increasing temps wanted to mention will be moving farther North West, ensuring promot arrival for Northern Heat Glass n Music w/ Shakopee.

If going leave a comment. ;)

After will be sorting few retail Krakens on deck as well as special drop at Xhale in WA. Concluding the midwest i will doible back East for Pop up drop at Mood Gallery (TBA) as well as a PA meetup. Reconnect with my assistant to help with the last leg of Summer, who had to abort due to heatwave.:(

Post covid RV Parks and camps are extremely overbooked, due to the rise in RV life. Making scheduled progress a lil difficult. :( I am doing my best to close out these laat 40 Krakens before winter blochain drop of Krakens. Anyone done any camping lately? If so where? :)

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