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PSA: Wicked World Tour

I was rapping with my buddie james aka Evol about his Explore The Mystery tour he is assembling. We both will be shipping vehicles to Spain for a Nomadic trip to Ireland following Europe. Because I love ya guys I’ll give ya idea what I will do for my competition piece. A idea I’ve had for years and even took a Rye Glass Class to learn the art of glass carving. Ill post pic of a drawing I did hella years ago. It was a Kraken holding the earth as a metaphor to protect it. As I looked at it a idea came up.

I said fuck it “James you down with upping the ante and do drive around the world?” He replied fuck it lets. Sooooo I noticed it coincides with an Australian drop which works perfectly. I’ll only fly back to do my drop on 710, then return to finish and try to beat the winter weather. Entering Austtalia for their summer, returning to West Coast for the start of ours. I’ve completed the US so it’s now time for a real expedition spreading art on the road. 🚐💨

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Unbelievably Cool!! I bought a European Rail pass and spent the Summer of 88 in Europe. Being a Rhoadie for Concerts when needed. But your trip is Epic🙏❤🙏


So cool!

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