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Sunday Funday | Giveaway

  1. Giveaway time! Happy Sunday Funday. Doing a quick giveaway today with a pendant i made while boondocking a couple weeks back. It is for a OG Tentacle Pendant that matches the one i wear.

Color: ????

This style i first did in 2014 and one i try to display how to teach onlookers to make. Made this extra one when at an event that basically setup where i was camping.

To win, just pick a number between 1-33. First to guess the right # or for a instant win, first to pick the color used. It’s a very dark blue purple (hint). 1 guess :)

Very stoked to start getting back on the torch and some of the OG style pendants from the demonstration i added to the store if not interested in trying to win, yet interested. Please check blog for details below.

I hope everyone had a rad weekend. ☮️ Scheduled this post to load at 420pm but i'll see if it did on break later. Will start scheduled posts in case i do not have service.

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