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Tentacle Tuesday Giveaway 110321

It was a success. To enter it required people to say something positive. Nowadays people are so wrapped up in the neg, it’s crazy. Only 15- 20% of people ever travel outside of their area in their life. That goes for their way of thinking as well, listening only to what others are saying.

Anyhow for a day it was a sight to log on and see nothing but positive comments!!! :) Wish I could have given away 100 pieces. The winner Kay was chosen by the Italian Gallery’s owner and wife who found her comment of overcoming some stuff by being inspired by me. I thought that was rad!! Now I post what some might find negative stuff but only for the purpose of finding a solution to it. Always gotta move forward and this piece was for Kay as a celebration gift of her upcoming surgery!! Positive vibes only!!

*Cotton Candy Traveler pictured is not available but 2 are and I’ll post Galleries below once I can copy paste their instagrams. :)

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