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Thanksgiving Love ❤️

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I do not really celebrate this in the traditional sense, but am thankful for every comment. Not just on Thanksgiving. Thankful for anyone who has ordered a piece or left me inspirational vibes for the year long battle with family losses. It has helped my Uncle going through a year of Chemo and go well beyond doctors projection since he was told wouldn't last to last Thanksgiving.

Thankful for my mom passing without pain and not having to see me go first. As much as i've put myself out there, i was positive that would be the case. So a new chapter.

My supporters are the reason i am inspired. :) I am ridiculously thankful i have time now to devote to members. Give back to those friends eager to rage a Kraken and been patient.

My morning was spent with kitties and doing laundry. (A couple wanted to see how i do it with mobile washer, i'll post in member *news section another day) :) Tonight kitties n i will feast on pumpkin pie with some vanlife neighbors. Other then that i'm thankful i get to work today!!! So without any further delay.... time for the torch! :)

Btw here is a Kraken for Xhale Glass Gallery in Seattle. No black friday deals ...i think i have 1 Tentacle Spoon i'll add to anyone interested but that's it. I'll kill it in 2024 so not stressed. :)

Thanks for the support and joining me over the years. ☮️💜


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